Business Simplified

Setting up your corporate e-mail and website is simplified by our guaranteed 24/7 tech support and online self-service. All our e-mails are secured and provisioned by Google Workspace®. Likewise, our websites are secured from DDOS and other online threats by Cloud Flare®.

Quatro API

A powerful web hosting api
We've developed a Python Api for all you diehard self hosting businesses, you can easily have a rock solid server ready to go in minutes. Included in the setup is Nginx, Php-fpm, Maria Database, Fail2ban and other popular software.

Quatro UI

The professional user interface
So you got a powerful api and now have to build a UI? Nope, we've taken the time to build you a highly customizable user interface. All you have to do is brand it and sell it, cutting your initial start up time!